Your Kid's Smiles Matter

Key Things To Know About Your Child's Dental Care:

  • All ages of children are welcome in our office
  • Age 2 is when we recommend you bring your child in for their first dental visit.
  • X-rays are first taken around 4 years of age.
  • 50% of 2 year olds in America have cavities
  • Sealants can begin being placed on the 6 year molars right after they come in completely. Then as the other adult molars and premolars come in sealants can be placed.
  • Orthodontics are usually needed and we screen for this.
  • Fluorides are provided as a topical application after the cleaning every 6 months. Prescription fluorides tablets are recommended from age 3-9, and this will benefit the adult teeth that are forming during that time to help them be more resistant to cavities.
  • How to brush and floss is discussed with every child.
  • Tooth-colored clear fillings are placed when treating decay. We don’t use amalgam, silver fillings, on any patients.

Lifelong Dental Health

By establishing a habit of regular dental visits for your children from the very beginning, you’ll help to ensure their beautiful smiles last a lifetime.

Pediatric dentistry is increasingly popular, and for good reason: Parents want to feel confident that their children’s dentist is skilled in working with kids. There are many pediatric dentistry options in Bend, but Murtaugh General and Cosmetic Dentistry goes the extra mile to make sure your kids are happy and comfortable here–and that they actually look forward to coming back!

Start Your Children’s Dental Care Early

By starting pediatric dentistry care for your children at an early age, we’ll be able to detect any problems your kids may be experiencing and treat them right away—before their minor problems become major, more costly dental issues. We recommend your children see the dentist every six months for their cleanings and check-ups.

When you choose pediatric dentistry from Murtaugh General and Cosmetic Dentistry, you’re assured of continuity of care as your children grow and their dental needs change. For example, we’ll let you know if or when orthodontics may be necessary to maintain straight, healthy teeth for your kids and get it started at just the right time for the very best results.

Drs. Jim and Ginny Murtaugh want to be your children’s dentist! We love kids and warmly welcome them as patients. We recommend that you bring in your children for their first pediatric dentistry appointment when they are between two and three years old; we usually begin taking check-up x-rays at age 4.

During your visit, we’ll also discuss the use of topical and systemic fluorides for tooth development. Fluoride tablets or drops taken between three and nine years of age can significantly decrease the incidence of decay by incorporating fluoride into the teeth as they form. The water here in Bend does not contain the level of fluoride needed to improve the health of teeth, so the oral tablets or drops are the best options.

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