4 Dentist Approved Super Bowl Snacks

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The big game is this weekend and it’s time to start thinking of snacks to feed the hungry crowd, but have you considered tasty treats that are also tooth and mouth friendly? Take a look at these delicious dishes that appeal to both your taste buds and teeth as well.

Hummus Dip with Cucumber

What makes it dentist approved:
Hummus is made of chickpeas which are protein rich and do not contain cholesterol or saturated fats. These peas are also rich with folic acid that produces healthy cell growth throughout your body. Not to mention, cucumbers are packed with vitamins B and C which have been shown to improves one’s breath and whiten smiles.

Spicy Jalapeño Dip

What makes it dentist approved:
Flavor doesn’t have to be sacrificed to be health and this spicy dip will kick your tastebuds into overdrive.
Chewing and healthy gums go hand in hand, that is why vegetables are always a smart choice. Not to mention these veggies pack all the beneficial vitamins your body needs to sustain overall health and a healthy mouth.
Add a little sour cream on top and your calcium needs are met to promote strong teeth.

Meat and Cheese Plate

What makes it dentist approved:
A traditional big game snack, the meat and cheese tray is a fan favorite. Cheese and tooth health go well together with calcium and casein (a protein) that is beneficial for enamel. Most trays do come with crackers that are not idea or provide any health benefits. They generally are a filler food with no real benefits to your body except that occasional kick of fiber depending on which crackers you choose to serve. Be sure to brush after you eat!

A Healthy 7-Layer Dip

What makes it dentist approved:
The 7 layer dip is a tasty one no matter how you make. The citrus in the dish, from tomatoes and other juices, is offset by the cheese and, in this case, yogurt we use. As for benefits, this dip is packed with pro-mouth vitamins like E, A, and C. Make your dip even healthier by offer an alternative to chips as the dipper.

Click here for the full ingredients list and how to make each dish!

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