6 Things a Dental Cleaning Does for You

  1. Helps With Overall Health. Studies have proven there is a direct correlation between oral health and overall health. Regular Dental exams & cleanings lower your risks of diseases like heart disease & stroke among others. Oral exams can be an early detector for many life threatening conditions.
  2. Whiten Your Smile. The things we each and drink add up over time leading to stained teeth. A dental cleaning polishes your teeth and helps with the removing of stains which whitens teeth.
  3. Bye Bye Bad Breath. Proper oral hygiene is the best option for ridding bad breath. Brushing and flossing is key, but so is a regular dental cleaning to ensure an odor-free and healthy mouth.
  4. Keep Your Teeth. Built-up plaque leads to gum disease with is a major cause of tooth loss for adults. As gums disease progresses, plaque moves down the tooth where it can destroy the supporting bone in your jaw, causing teeth to loosen and fall out. Luckily, the chance of this happening to you can be greatly reduced through regular dental cleanings combined with good oral hygiene habits.
  5. Cavity Prevention. The whitish film that builds up on your teeth is called plaque and is the leading cause of tooth decay. This acidic substance eats away at the tooth enamel and, if left unattended, can lead to cavities. Plaque can be removed by brushing, flossing and dental cleanings.
  6. Save You Money. Neglect leads to higher costs in the long run. Get the most value from your dental benefits and save money in the long run. Most dental plans have low or no copayments/coinsurance for dental cleanings and oral exams. If you take advantage of your benefits now.

The ADA recommends a dental appointment every 6 months or less to maintain optimal health and to take action to prevent against potential harmful things from developing. If you’re in need a of a dental checkup call us at 541-389-2905 or fill out our contact form!

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