For Floss Sake!

How’s your oral hygiene been? Most reply, “Okay, but I could do better”. Well this little article might just jumpstart your hygiene habits!

Fowl breath and yellowing of the teeth are the most noticeable signs of poor habits, but it’s what you can’t see that you should be concerned about. Not flossing, brushing like you should, or rinsing with mouthwash, believe it or not, can lead to much more serious health risks like disease, stroke, cancer, and more.. Not as a means to scare you, but as a motivator of information, below are 4 reasons you and your family should start flossing and brushing like the doctor tells you.

4 Potential Consequences of Bad Hygiene:

1) Halitosis
If people keep offering you gum, there’s your sign. Obviously one of the side effects of not taking care of your mouth is fowl breath. This odor is a result of a build of detrimental bacteria in your mouth and build of any detrimental or harmful bacteria is never a good thing because this same bacteria will not stay in your mouth, rather flow through your bloodstream latching on to whatever it can.

2) Disease
Diseases like periodontal and heart result from a build up of plaque on the teeth and gums or inside your heart. Physicians today have proven the direct correlation between periodontal disease and heart disease. In fact, individuals who suffer from periodontal disease are 2 times as likely to develop heart disease. An early form of periodontal disease is known as Gingivitis, a term commonly known, and nearly 50% of people have some form of it! Tell tale signs are inflamed / red gums and bleeding after brushing or flossing. Disease is the next step of consequences. So if you’re gums and tooth aren’t up to par, get in front of it by schedule an appointment and focusing on your hygiene routine.

3) Diabetes
Correlation is the name of the game when is comes to health concerns and health does in fact run through your mouth. From those who have diabetes, 88% of them also show signs or suffer from of periodontal disease. It makes you think which came first, the horse or the carriage. Or in this instance, the diabetes or the periodontal disease.

4) Damaging Bacteria
It’s no mystery if you don’t clean or maintain something, it will eventually breakdown and become useless. Same goes for your mouth and body. Not brushing, flossing, and rinsing like one should it opening the floodgates for harmful bacteria. And this bacteria likes to travel. It can move from your mouth through your bloodstream to your throat, lungs, heart, and more causing issues along the way which can turn into very serious health problems or even death.

So, with that said, now how’s your oral hygiene regiment? You get out what you put in, from the foods your consume to the time you take brushing and flossing. Set aside that 5 total minutes a day it takes (split morning & night) to brush, floss, & rinse, then make your biannual cleanings with your preferred dentist!

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