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Are You Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

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Any of these situations could indicate you need to see the dentist immediately.

  • Tooth pain
  • Hot and cold sensitivity
  • Swelling of area around a tooth or part of face
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Lost filling
  • Loose tooth
  • Hurts to chew food or bite down

You never know when it could happen – a nagging toothache, a loose filling, a broken or chipped tooth.

Dental emergencies never occur at a convenient time. No matter when you have a dental emergency, call 541-389-2905 and speak with Lori, our Front Office Coordinator. Let her know the nature of your dental emergency and she will schedule you as soon as possible.  You can be seen in our office the same day you call when you have a dental emergency. We are here to help you.

If your emergency occurs while our office is closed, call our main office line 541-389-2905 at McCleery Dental and a recorded message will provide instructions for contacting the doctor directly and guidance during this uncomfortable time.

Trauma Triage – Tooth First Aid

Did your tooth get knocked out, cracked or chipped?  We offer immediate assistance in these emergency situations.  Call our office @ (541) 389-2905 immediately and let our staff know of your situation.


In the mean time follow these recommended instructions:


  • Locate your tooth or tooth portion
  • Handle by the crown only
  • Clean and rinse with mouth saliva or water only
  • Reinsert Adult teeth ONLY
  • Bite on a rag or cloth to keep tooth in place
  • Store in milk until tooth or tooth portion can be reinserted or attached
  • See McCleery Dental AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or a dental professional
  • NEVER try to reinsert a baby tooth
  • Protect your teeth with a mouth guard

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If you do not know if you are immune compromised, call us at (541) 389-2905 and we will conduct a phone evaluation with you.

Please book all appointments through our office. New check-in and check-out processes have been put in place to protect patients and staff.

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