Say Yes to Flossing & X-Rays

I have been practicing dentistry for 30 years and wanted to address the recent articles in the news about needing to floss or not, and the interval for dental X-rays.

In my opinion the importance of flossing is so obvious studies don’t need to be done (but I bet they will now). I recommend flossing daily. I have seen that patients who floss daily have a reduced incidence of dental diseases (cavities and gum disease). The benefit of flossing is reduced bacteria around the teeth, reduced inflammation, reduced disease and positive impact on overall systemic health.

As for X-ray intervals, you may think your dentist is a superhero, but we don’t have X-ray vision and cannot see in between your teeth or see the bone under your gums. Taking X-rays on a regular recommended interval allows dentists to detect dental disease at early stages, which allows for a better chance of longterm retention of teeth and costs less for the patient.

Checkup X-rays should be taken once each year and a full set every three to five years. Our primary goals in dentistry are educating our patients about their oral health, providing guidance on preventing disease and treating disease if it occurs. Dentists are your partner in oral health. Ask your dentist or hygienist what they recommend; they are the professionals.

– Dr. Ginny Murtaugh

Original Article: Bend Bulletin

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